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Nobody in their right mind would attempt to build a house without a plan and solid foundations. So why do so many business owners overlook marketing strategy when it comes to developing their business plan? Without the appropriate foundations in place, a house would move, crack and eventually fall apart. The same is true when it comes to your marketing goals, without a solid foundation and robust plan in place your business won’t have a competitive advantage or an ability to increase sales over time.

Marketing campaigns that are not built on marketing strategy don’t work. Instead of moving your brand forward to its long-term goals, marketing activity based on a whim wastes time and money. Your plan when developing a marketing strategy needs to align with cost-effective activities that fuel your business and sales growth.

If you are responsible for engineering a positive future for your business, then you need to develop a strategy first. Taking a strategy first approach allows your business to take measured and specific actions to reach customers and business goals.

Why Marketing Strategy is Essential

Market research should be the first step you take to develop your strategy. The two most important building blocks needed to create your strategic marketing platform include:

Having a clear understanding of who you should be targeting and how your product or service should be perceived, allows your marketing to be customer focussed rather than internally focussed.

Using a customer based marketing approach as the core of your marketing activity allows your business to come from a unique selling position. A position where the needs of your customers come first. A position which highlights how your products or services can help them achieve their goals.

What Kind Of Marketing Strategy Does My Business Need?

An experienced marketing strategy agency with the tools to help guide you through the crucial development stages of your marketing strategy is essential.

Without getting this element correct upfront, all subsequent marketing strategies will be off target leading to wasted resources. So, if you want to be successful with your product marketing strategies, pricing strategies, distribution and marketing communication strategies, you must first create an inclusive strategy focussed on customer service.

To avoid this from happening to you, Baker Marketing has developed a number of packages that can be tailored to suit your individual needs for both:

Marketing Strategy Packages From Baker Marketing

Talk to Baker Marketing today about how we can help you develop, a marketing strategy and plan out the steps that you need to take for strategy implementation.

Whether you are looking for help with a new business, an established business, rebranding, exporting, or digital marketing strategy; Baker Marketing has the expertise needed to fuel your business growth.