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About Us

About Us

Since 2014, we have been engaged in helping global companies who wish to do business in India. We provide Branding, Project Management (Agriculture) and Marketing Management Services to our clients.

Branding :- Brand management is an extensive framework that creates a roadmap for understanding, managing and organizing the brands. The entire scope of strategic brand management in India spins around the instruments like building, leveraging, identifying and protecting your brand. We believe that branding isn't merely about a logo or tag line but an entity that represents your organization meaningfully and sets you ahead of the competitors. To get more out of your organizational setup, you need well-defined and rigorously tested strategic branding capabilities. Our Branding experts leverage some of the most popular branding techniques to make let your brand shine.

Project Management (Agriculture) :- We advise and teach the executive teams of companies and Organizations in the Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services sectors on Business Modeling and Business Planning and on Strategy Development - including Branding, Packaging and Strategies for Going International:-Exploring New Markets-Building a Global Business-How to profit from-Innovation-Executive Networking. Emerald is a company promoting exportation and access to Market for India. We help Managing crops and Mobilizing small holder farmers and Groups, providing in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Agriculture Project Management, Product Development and Branding, Access to Markets, PR, Business Development, Agriculture Innovation and strengthening agri-businesses.

Marketing Management: Emerald’s approach to marketing and sales is centered around your primary business goal. By mapping out your customer journey, and clearly defining your business objectives, we design a marketing and sales strategy that is centered around your target customer.